Transportation & Navigation

High-quality training data to bring your AI models for self-driving vehicles to production faster.

Data Types

Lidar & 3D
Advanced video annotation tools for complex object tracking.
High-quality annotated image data for object detection in a wide range of use cases.
Detect roll, pitch, yaw, heading, and track of your target objects across 3D frames with high accuracy.

Spatial Object Detection and Tracking

Recognition and tracking of vehicles, pedestrians, traffic signs, and lane markings detection. Our expert annotators identify the false positives.

Temporal Segmentation

We identify cars parked, moving, in your lane, changing lanes, and more. Get roll, pitch, yaw, and heading of your target object across 3D frames.

Edge Cases Management

Get high-quality training data for various conditions, from rain or fog, to day or night. We also provide HD mapping of private driveways to help fill in the gaps.

Experience with Thousands of Complex Workflows

Our secure training data annotation platform combined with our human-in-the-loop experts make it easy to manage your training data pipeline at scale.


We've provided data annotation and labeling as a service for over a decade and are known for delivering >95% quality SLA, even for the most complex autonomous vehicles workflows.


Consultative services save time by eliminating wasted hours advising edge cases and finding errors. We take a proactive approach to highlighting issues and providing guidance.

Cost Efficiency

We've invested heavily in tools like linear interpolation, Auto QA and Gold Tasks to achieve shorter ramp up time, and improve task efficiency and quality.

We have been impressed, not only with their consistent level of high quality, but with their entire approach to training data strategy. To us they are a perfect addition to our work in AI.


Demetrio Aiello

Head of the Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Labs, Continental

Webinar: Challenges & Solutions for LiDAR Annotation & 3D Data

The world of autonomous driving has presented ML Engineers and Data Scientists with a series of challenges around collecting and creating high-quality training data. In this webinar, Sama’s VP of Product Duncan Curtis shares advice on creating a data strategy, weighing different data collection options, building a 3D quality rubric, and picking the right data annotation partner for you.

High-Quality Training Data at Scale

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