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How Sama Keeps Your Data Secure

From self-driving cars to smart hardware, Sama fuels AI. Our clients trust us because they’ve experienced our relentless dedication to quality, security, and impact first hand.
Physical & Logical Security

ISO certified delivery centers, biometric authentication, and user authentication with 2FA ensure a secure work environment.

Vulnerability Testing

Automated security scanning and external pen-testing to protect clients from costly mistakes that arise from poor security practices.

Data Protection

Data storage encryption via industry-standard TLS/SSL, protecting your data from unauthorized access and data corruption.

GDPR Compliant

GDPR compliant as a data processor, as well as CCPA compliant, to ensure all information shared with us, including PII, is kept secure.

Secure, Compliant Training Data and Validation

Security and trust are top priorities at Sama. ISO certified delivery centers, and our secure, compliant annotation platform help protect your data from unauthorized access and data corruption from ingestion to delivery. Read more about our security best practices.

Data Privacy Without Compromises

As a global enterprise that strongly supports data protection and privacy regulations, we offer clients the personal data protection rights, under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), wherever they live. Read more on how Sama protects your data.

Security and Compliance at Sama

Data privacy and security are fundamental design requirements in our technologies, services, business practices and operations. Our clients trust us to deliver secure, high-quality training data at scale, and we do so by following security best practices in everything we do—from our tech stack to our physical spaces.

High-Quality Annotated Data at Scale

For over a decade, hundreds of organizations have relied on Sama to deliver secure, high-quality training data and model validation for machine learning.