Managed Service Data Annotation Platform

Sama Pro

Collaborate with our team of experts on our ML-powered data annotation platform to produce highly reliable training data, fast.

Trusted by leading companies around the world

Speed Your Model to Market

Sama’s integrated ML-powered platform with human-in-the-loop validation streamlines AI development for quicker time to accuracy – and to market.

Cutting Edge Technology

Sama Annotate

Proprietary ML-powered labeling tools deliver efficiency improvements and industry-leading quality annotations for your 3D point cloud, video, and image data.

Rapid Results

Sama Curate

Data filtering and curation tools help you prioritize labels that will have the greatest impact on your model’s performance.

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Collaborative Development

Extensive Expertise

Skilled humans-in-the-loop are trained to be experts on your data, proactively raising edge cases and requirement gaps for faster iteration and more accurate results (95%+ quality SLA guaranteed).

Managed Data Annotation Platform for AI

Focus on your algorithms — we’ll provide the fuel.

A powerful combination of highly-skilled annotators and a revolutionary AI-powered platform.

Sama’s annotators, project managers, engineers, and quality analysts undergo specialized training to become experts on your data.

Your dedicated account team works with you to design a robust data quality strategy and annotation pipeline, even for your most complex workflows.

Our expert annotators leverage our ML-powered platform to bring you efficiency improvements, and a multi-level quality management process coupled with Auto QA features creates tight feedback loops to catch errors and edge cases early.

Custom analytics and reporting give you deep insights into your training data. Leverage our CLI and APIs to automatically send data, re-prioritize tasks, and receive results in real-time.

Why Choose Sama

Unlock the innovative potential of your AI models with Sama’s trusted data annotation platform and human-in-the-loop experts.


Augment your models with industry-leading data quality. Our SLAs guarantee >95% quality annotations.


Efficiency improvements from our ML-powered platform, paired with an expert team that scales with you on demand.

Ethical AI

Help us drive an ethical AI supply chain. Sama has touched the lives of 60K individuals with the greatest barriers to work.


From our tech stack to our physical space, security and trust are paramount to everything we do.

Experts in complex
workflows across industries

Transportation & Navigation

From autonomous vehicles to navigation aids, power your transportation and navigation solutions with the most accurate data in the industry.

Retail & E-Commerce

With consumer expectations on the rise, delightful and engaging AI solutions must be fueled by uncompromisingly high-quality data.

Robotics & Manufacturing

Help your customers reduce costs, increase productivity, and reinforce safety with highly accurate training data for robotics and manufacturing.


Data accuracy — guaranteed — compared to 88.5% for leading competitors.


Events tracked per month to improve our product and processes with A/B testing.


Lives impacted to date thanks to our purpose-driven business model.

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