Retail & E-Commerce

Improve your customers' shopping experience by bringing AI models to market faster with high quality training data.

You're in Good Company

With our help, clients have been able able to use machine learning to improve their retail item coverage from 91% to a whopping 98%.

Data Types

Advanced video annotation tools with complex object tracking for autonomous checkout, theft prevention, and customer purchase behavior analysis from CCTV data.
High-quality annotated image data for object detection in a wide range of use cases, from search relevance and product recommendation, to semantic segmentation of fashion data.

Personalized Shopping

We help improve your users’ personalized shopping experience, increase the conversion rates, average order value, and revenue of your e-commerce business.

Search Relevance

Precisely label each product's dimensions to improve search relevance, shorten product discovery time and help your brand build a hyper-personalized experience which the customer then rewards with loyalty.

Inventory Management

Free up your internal team to focus on strategy while we support your inventory management activities and help you keep up with the constant afflux of new products, brands, and styles.

Experience with Thousands of Complex Workflows

Our secure training data annotation platform combined with our human-in-the-loop experts make it easy to manage your training data pipeline at scale.


We annotated over a billion points in 2019 without compromising data quality. We offer the highest quality SLA (>95%), even on the most complex workflows.


As a trusted training data partner with over a decade of experience, we can dig deep into use cases and recommend annotation best practices. We help you maintain your models as you add new products.


Our expert annotators can quickly pivot between data sets and workflows, based on your changing priorities. Our workspace is highly customizable to support a wide range of use cases and requirements.

Quality is important to Sama. You really get the sense they are there for more than just the financial transaction. They are a true partner.

Vamsi Madabhushi

Vamsi Madabhushi

Senior Manager of Product Management, Walmart Global Tech

Watch the Webinar: Supercharge Your Data Quality

When it comes to building AI for Retail & E-Commerce, your model is only as good as the data it’s trained on. While it’s key to have a human in the loop when creating and verifying training data, automating processes within the workflow improves efficiency while guaranteeing high quality. Learn more about how Sama’s Auto QA functionality eliminates logical fallacies and increases data trainer efficiency.

High-Quality Training Data at Scale

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