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High-Quality Training Data From Start to Scale

Securely validate and train machine learning models and bring them to market faster.


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Over 25% of the Fortune 50 trust Sama to deliver to demanding quality SLAs. Let us manage the full annotation lifecycle while you focus on your algorithms: from queue creation and prioritization, task management and distribution, advanced tooling to boost efficiency, manual and automated quality management up to task delivery.

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Supercharge Your Data Quality

Sama Auto QA functionality assesses tasks using a fixed set of rules configured to check for invalid combinations of labels and metadata. These checks are triggered before a task is submitted on our training data platform, allowing for the detection of errors early in the pipeline to save time and increase quality. Learn more by watching our recent webinar.

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Data Quality: The Sama Difference

Sama has a multi-level quality check process to ensure the delivery of high-quality data annotation every time.

Specialized Agent Training

Customized training period where agents undergo project-specific training including a test consisting of theoretical and practical assessments before ‘qualifying’ for production work.


Auto QA delivers immediate feedback to agents, ensuring no logical errors are delivered to you and allowing our manual QA review process to focus on more qualitative errors.

Client QA

Integrated approach: you have access to the Sampling Portal and can check the quality of work via Quality Scores and provide feedback to annotators to improve data quality.

Internal QA

The Sama platform has a dedicated Sampling Portal where our skilled QA team samples daily. They proactively escalate edge cases and requirements gaps to deliver high-quality data annotation to bring your models to production faster.


Data accuracy — guaranteed when you boost your projects — compared to 88.5% for leading competitors.


Events tracked per month to improve our product and processes with A/B testing.


Lives impacted to date thanks to our purpose-driven business model.

High-Quality Training Data From
Start to Scale.