Natural Language Processing
Annotation for ML

Extract information and gain valuable insights from a vast corpus of text-based data. Understand and interact with text to improve search relevance, automate customer support, and more.

High-quality training sets for any use case

Analyze and draw insight from unstructured datasets for your NLP models – from entity recognition and classification to relationships.
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Quicker deployment with AI-powered annotation

Sama’s ML-assisted labeling uses active learning to quickly share high precision predictions, automating away simple labels and freeing annotators to create more and higher quality labels (3-4x efficiency improvement).
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Get perfectly labeled data every time

Get started quickly with our self-service annotation platform or scale your algorithms with our directly managed workforce of data annotators. Built-in QA and skilled agents trained on specific NLP use cases and industry best practices ensure a high standard of label quality.
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Sama Covers the Entire Annotation Lifecycle

Use Case Selection

A customizable interface allows expression of entity, single and multi class classifications, relationships and dialog and long document annotation.

AI-Assisted Annotation

An optimized UX to help you maximize efficiency with built-in AI pre-annotations, ability to bring your own, and full text search.


Automate the bulk of project management: automatically assign work to multiple annotators on diverse jobs according to configurable rules.

Quality Control

Built-in QA functionality including majority vote, conflict detection, and visual indication of common errors before they are submitted. A reporting dashboard makes productivity and quality metrics available at a click.

Use Cases

Named Entity Recognition
Part of Speech Tagging
Sentiment and Intent Analysis
Dependency Resolution
Coreference Resolution
Identify and extract key entities for automated content discovery.
Assign words to a particular part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc) based on definition and context.
Analyze a user’s intent behind a message and whether the underlying sentiment is positive, negative or neutral.
Find all expressions that refer to the same entity in a text.
Break down the grammatical structure of a sentence.

Bespoke Training Adapted to Your Needs

We help you resolve the following common use cases and much more:
Product Review Analysis

Identify insights from customer reviews on what’s working, and what’s not. Use sentiment analysis to gain actionable insights.

Customer Service Call Transcripts

Combine NLP with our audio-to-text capabilities and classify key issues your customers are talking about.

Misinformation Detection

Extract factual assertions and key concepts in news articles. Flag suspicious statements.

Contract Summarization and Understanding

Extract key dates, parties and clauses from your document trove. Flag unusual terms for further review.

Receipt and Invoice Understanding

Capture dates, purchases, prices, phone numbers and more to better understand customer behavior.

Direct Message and Forum Moderation

Review user-generated content to prevent and remove toxic content.

How Tribe Dynamics Uses Sama

Since 2017, Sama has helped train Tribe Dynamics's machine learning technology to build robust influencer communities for fast-growing, global brands. Learn more how Tribe Dynamics increased reporting capabilities by 350% to date.

Why Sama

For over a decade, hundreds of organizations, including over 25% of the Fortune 50, have relied on Sama to deliver secure, high-quality training data and model validation for machine learning.


We offer the highest quality SLA (>95%), even on the most complex workflows. Our team assists with anything from implementing a robust quality rubric to raising edge cases.


ML Assisted annotation created up to 3-4x efficiency improvement for a single class annotation. We quickly adapt to ramp-ups, focus shifts, and edge cases.


As an ethical AI company, we have provided economic opportunities for over 52,000 people from underserved and marginalized communities.


ISO certified delivery centers, biometric authentication, and user authentication with 2FA ensure a secure work environment.

High-Quality Natural Language Processing Data at Scale

Get in touch today to learn how Sama can solve your NLP annotation needs.