Training Data
When You Need It

Bring your AI models to production faster with our vertically integrated platform. Get higher quality training data in half the time thanks to our proprietary MICROMODEL technology

MICROMODEL Technology Overview

Sama consistently produces data with accuracy of 94-98% by combining machine assisted annotation (MAA) with ethical human validation. Here’s how it works:


ML Assisted Annotation powered by MICROMODEL technology is used to generate pre-labeled and human-assisted annotation


Our annotaters validate ML generated labels that are constantly improving, instead of annotating from scratch

Maximize Efficiency

Clients predictably get higher quality training data in half the time to bring their models to production faster

Why MICROMODEL Technology?



MAA powered by MICROMODEL technology predictably produces 94-98% accuracy compared to leading competitors* of 88.5%


MAA powered by MICROMODEL technology created 2-4x efficiency improvement for applied classes annotated. New use cases rollout without model degradation, thanks to expert managed workforce.


MAA powered by MICROMODEL technology is client specific: they will not benefit your potential competitors and your data does not need to be retained.


MAA powered by MICROMODEL technology is capable of covering any industry use cases and automate labelling across many different data types and classes.

The Training Data Platform Trusted by
the World’s Most Ambitious AI Teams

API Integration
Data Selection and Filtering
Iterative Instructions
Quality Training Data
Multi-Level Quality Checks
Model Optimization
Detailed Reports and Analytics
Seamlessly re-prioritize tasks, provide quality feedback and monitor models in production. We support data of all types.
Get more with less. We combine machine learning and humans in the loop to filter data and select images relevant to your use case.
Receive sample results based on your initial guidelines. We work with you to identify edge cases and recommend annotation best practices.
Get high-volume training data throughput with our advanced platform capabilities and highly trained annotators.
Gold tasks and advanced scripting detects errors early in the pipeline and our skilled QA team focuses on solving edge cases.
Quickly identify issues in the results of your algorithms and optimize their performance to bring them to production faster.
Get deep insights into your projects, including precise data on frame level annotation and edge cases. Our tailored reports help you prioritize and get your model to market faster.

Experience with Thousands of Complex Workflows

Our trusted training data annotation platform combined with our human-in-the-loop experts make it easy to manage your training data pipeline and bring your machine learning models to market faster.

We help clients iterate on instructions and optimize their workflow configuration. We quickly adapt to ramp-ups, focus shifts, and edge cases, with change frequency of up to 2-3 x/week per workflow.


One misstep in data accuracy can cause havoc or lost revenue, especially when dealing with critical safety. We offer the highest quality SLA (>95%), even on the most complex workflows.


We annotated over 1.5 billion points in 2020 without compromising data quality. Our API-centric architecture is built to scale using extensible stateless microservices, ensuring scalability and development velocity.


We ensure your data is secure. Our delivery sites are ISO certified and employ biometric security. We offer high availability and uptime as we understand that the reliability of our platform is paramount.


We deliver on throughput within schedule. Our turnaround time is as low as 2 days from new workflow request to production delivery, and our advanced annotation tools enable rapid labeling.


Consider us your training data partner. With industry leading retention, our annotators are subject matter experts. Our team assist with anything from implementing a robust quality rubric to raising edge cases.

When we first started the project, we didn’t know the exact scope. Sama let us be flexible and experiment until we found the perfect solution.


Ram Rampalli

Senior Director, New Ventures & Growth, Walmart Global Tech

High-Quality Annotated Data at Scale

For over a decade, hundreds of organizations have relied on Sama to deliver secure, high-quality training data and model validation for machine learning.