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Autonomous Vehicles’ Impact on Cities with Lyft’s Sarah Barnes

A future filled with autonomous vehicles promises to be a driving utopia. Maximum efficiency navigation decreasing traffic and congestion, safety features that drastically reduce collisions with other cars, bikes, or pedestrians, and an electric-first approach that lowers greenhouse gas emissions. But as with all disruptive technologies, the journey to functional autonomous driving future isn’t a ... Read more

Facebook’s Manohar Paluri Makes Machines See

Manohar Paluri has spent the bulk of his career developing methods to make machines see. Now, in his role as Director, Artificial Intelligence at Facebook (now Meta), computer vision is one building block in the massive undertaking of developing egocentric perception: making sense of data collected from a first-person perspective via wearable devices. Mano joined ... Read more

Moxie the Conversational AI Robot Teaches Children Kindness

When you were a child, do you remember learning what it means to be kind? What about reading sadness in someone’s face, understanding the anger you felt, or respecting personal space? If you don’t remember learning about any of these human moments, then Moxie, a conversational AI robot built by Embodied, is the android friend ... Read more

Representation in AI with Walmart Global Tech Leaders Anshu Bhardwaj & Desirée Gosby

Walmart's SVP of Global Technology Anshu Bhardwaj and VP of Emerging Technology Desirée Gosby join Sama CEO Wendy Gonzalez for a roundtable discussion about representation in AI, explainable & ethical AI, and how representative teams are a key way to reduce biases in AI technology. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select ... Read more