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In-House vs Outsourcing Data Annotation for ML: Pros & Cons

In-house data annotation can be expensive but can be helpful in early stages of ML production. Outsourcing data annotation is cheaper but security can be compromised.


Defining, Measuring, and Guaranteeing Quality for Autonomous Driving

Good annotation and testing practices are the foundations of building a great model. However, understanding what constitutes quality data is a tricky question.

4 Game-Changing Applications of LiDAR in Retail

Customers walk around stores, browse displays, walk down aisles, and stop to consider products. From the outside, it may not appear there is much to glean from these behaviors.

10 Frequently Asked Data Labeling Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked data labeling questions, along with recommendations for approaching your data annotation strategy holistically.

Building a Robust Automotive LiDAR Annotation Quality Rubric

The purpose of a LiDAR annotation quality rubric is simple: it ensures that two people will score the same object in identical ways.

A Message From Our CEO

« Like so many immigrant children, I learned to believe in a dream that is as much American as it is universal: a dream of equal opportunity. » – Leila Janah

Sama and Content Moderation: What You Need to Know

Continuous improvement and excellence are at the heart of everything we do, and we invite anyone, in and outside of the company, to help us on our journey.

Sama by the Numbers

Sama is committed to providing our workforce with professional development and upskilling opportunities, benefits, and a living wage.

Orbisk is Using Accurate AI to Help Restaurants Reduce Food Waste Up to 70%

Orbisk is focused on limiting the amount of food waste produced in restaurants, hotels, and cafes with their AI-powered food waste monitoring solution.

Accurate Data Labeling Powers the Volumental Shoe Recommendation App — Helping Retailers Convert Mobile Customers

Learn how Volumental partnered with Sama to accurately label the datasets that fuel the computer vision technology for their mobile foot scanning app.

How More Accurate Data Labeling is Helping PolyPerception Advocate for Responsible Waste Management

Find out how accurately labeled data is helping PolyPerception provide material recovery facilities with better visibility into their waste streams.

How Sama’s Accurate AI is Helping Blind Runners Run Independently

Project Guideline by Google partnered with Sama to help people who are blind run without a guide, using only a smartphone, headphones, and a yellow guideline.

RCT Results from MIT: Evaluating the Impact of Sama’s Training and Job Programs

This week, researchers at MIT released a white paper evaluating Sama’s impact through a three-year Randomized Controlled Trial study. Here are their findings.

Challenges & Solutions for 3D LiDAR Annotation & 3D Data Sets

In this webinar, discover the challenges & solutions to 3D LiDAR annotation & 3D data sets for solving autonomous driving or driver assistance.

10 Experts on the Biggest Roadblocks to Bringing ML Models to Production

87% of AI projects will never make it into production. Why? We asked ML experts.

Sama’s Gold Tasks: ML Training Data with Gold-Standard Quality

Sama is an expert in efficiently designing annotation guidelines that enhance data quality. Gold Tasks refer to tasks that have been annotated perfectly.

Supercharge Your Data Quality with Automated Quality Accelerators

Automated quality accelerators are technology innovations that are focused on reducing the amount of manual quality assurance time spent in QA processes.

Custom Keypoint Shapes for Vector Image & Video Annotation

Announcing our support for custom keypoint shapes in our training data platform trusted by the world’s leading AI teams, for vector image and video annotation.

The Traffic Light Problem for Autonomous Vehicles

The traffic light problem for autonomous vehicles is critical for all vehicle safety, and unlike human-drivers, AVs rely solely on computer vision systems to navigate the world around us.

Object Tracking with Frame Level-Labeling

Sama video and 3D object tracking with frame-level labeling assists companies in quickly building models that better reflect real-world behavior.

Revamped 2D Vector Segmentation

Sama’s revamped toolset for 2D image vector segmentation is ideal for computer vision projects using vector shapes to structure training data.

Moving Toward Level 4 Autonomous Driving

Kirk Boydston, Training Data Specialist at Sama shares five considerations to move your machine learning model toward level 4 autonomous driving.

Training Your AI in 3D

Today, we’re announcing the production availability of our new 3D annotation engine for the Sama.

Takeaways from AutoAI Conference 2018

Last week, Sama visited the Auto.AI event, which bills itself as the platform bringing together the stakeholders who play an active role in the deep driving, computer vision, and sensor fusion.

Des données de formation de haute qualité, du début à la fin.