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AI in Retail: Labeling Challenges and Success Stories

As AI technology continues to transform the world around us, consumer expectations are shifting. Advances in AI for retail are transforming shopping experiences both in store and online. Join Jerome Pasquero, Product Manager at Sama for this session covering labeling challenges for AI in Retail. In this session, we’ll have a look at AI use ... Read more

Representation in AI with Walmart Global Tech Leaders Anshu Bhardwaj & Desirée Gosby

Walmart's SVP of Global Technology Anshu Bhardwaj and VP of Emerging Technology Desirée Gosby join Sama CEO Wendy Gonzalez for a roundtable discussion about representation in AI, explainable & ethical AI, and how representative teams are a key way to reduce biases in AI technology. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select ... Read more