Data Labeling Services

Through our advanced data selection, filtering, and labeling approach, we provide companies across a range of industries with cutting-edge data labeling services to fully tap into enterprise AI’s potential. We collect and refine the datasets while your ML engineers focus on deploying and maintaining models in production.

25% of Fortune 50 companies trust Sama to help them deliver industry-leading ML models

The Old Way vs the New Way

Burgeoning demand for labeled data has driven the growth of a variety of data labeling solutions. From business process outsourcing (BPO) to crowdsourcing and self-service platforms for in-house teams, each way of working comes with its own limitations.

The Old Way

Traditional crowdsourcing platforms optimize for quantity over quality; though clients can affordably access a large distributed third-party workforce for their ML projects, annotators do not often have domain expertise and resulting datasets lack quality control. BPO companies may offer more bespoke solutions, but implementation can be expensive and slow, and this approach is not optimized for scaling or the integration of new tools.

The New Way

The Old Way has recently been displaced by a new breed of data labeling companies who differentiate themselves as “managed data labeling services.” This new way prioritizes innovation in their tech, using AI to optimize the annotation process. While their models are domain-specific and more emphasis is placed on the QA process, labelers are still crowdsourced. These massively distributed workforces come with significant downstream risks: lower quality labels, a slower path to production, and a lack of AI governance and ethics.



A product-first mindset with an ethically sourced, directly-managed expert workforce.

Sama is the only data labeling platform that solves for accuracy, efficiency and ethics. We reduce time to quality using automation, advanced analytics, and a highly agile training data methodology.

Partner with a labeling platform that prioritizes innovation and incorporating the latest AI research into advanced annotation tools that deliver higher quality data every time.

  • A Decade’s Experience
    Sama’s 3rd generation software platform established in 2008 and adopted by Fortune 500 for over 10 years.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Sama tracks 160 million events per month to improve our product, processes and run statistically rigorous A/B testing.
  • AI Expertise
    Our dedicated ML team works at the forefront of AI research to develop advanced annotation tools to smooth the path to production for you.

Sama’s directly-managed workforce of annotators is trained on your specific use case to deliver higher-quality datasets for your ML projects.

  • Experienced Annotators
    Our labelers have 3-year average tenure and are subject matter experts who work with our customers to identify edge cases and recommend annotation best practices.
  • AI-Assisted Labeling
    ML Assisted Annotation (MAA) helps annotators work 3-4x more efficiently.

Ethical Supply Chain

We work with our clients and the AI industry to drive best practices for training data creation and use. As a strategic partner of MILA and the Partnership on AI (PAI), we ensure that workers embedded in the AI Supply Chain are treated with dignity.

  • Impact Sourcing
    As an ethical AI company, we have provided economic opportunities for over 65,000 people from underserved and marginalized communities. Check out the results from our RCT study with MIT.
  • B Corp Certification
    Of the 4,000+ Certified B Corporations, Sama is the first and only AI company recognized.

Uncompromising Security

Our secure and compliant annotation platform and ISO certified delivery centers protect clients from costly mistakes that arise from poor security practices. As a global enterprise that strongly supports data protection and privacy regulations, we abide by personal data protection rights under GDPR.

We manage the full annotation lifecycle while you focus on your algorithms: from queue creation and prioritization, task management and distribution, advanced tooling to boost efficiency, manual and automated quality management up to task delivery.

  • Quality Management
    Sampling provides feedback to quality managers to ensure teams are working efficiently and effectively
  • Human in the Loop
    Gold tasks and advanced scripting detect errors early in the pipeline and our skilled QA team focuses on solving edge cases
  • ML-Assisted Annotation
    MAA powered by MICROMODEL technology predictably produces 94-98% accuracy compared to leading competitors of 88.5%

No matter your industry use case or the size of your project, we adapt our platform and upskill our annotators to solve for your specific needs.

  • Industry Coverage
    Our advanced and customizable platform can address a wide range of use cases and target industries: ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles, Retail & E-Commerce, Consumer & Media, Robotics & Manufacturing, Agriculture and many more
  • Bespoke Workflows
    Sama supports all data types. We help you create a custom annotation workspace and iterative instructions
  • Flexible Delivery
    REST APIs enable you to post new tasks, reject and reprioritize tasks, review the status of tasks, and receive updates when tasks are completed


Data accuracy — guaranteed when you boost your projects — compared to 88.5% for leading competitors.


Events tracked per month to improve our product and processes with A/B testing.


Lives impacted to date thanks to our purpose-driven business model.

Reasons to Outsource your Data Labeling Services to Us

With data annotation and labeling experience, we offer top-notch training data usable across various industries, such as agriculture, finance, security, and augmented and virtual reality. By outsourcing data labeling services to us, you will be leveraging our cutting-edge tools, technologies, platforms, AI models, and highly skilled workforce for cost-effective and scalable solutions.

Quality Labels

We conduct quality assurance during our data labeling process so it can enhance the value of machine learning model testing and validation at later stages.

Domain Expertise

We have subject matter experts on staff who are proficient in diverse domains and ensure we can meet your every need effectively.

Scalable Solutions

We eliminate the challenges and expense of scaling your data labeling operations as and when the volumes and capacities expand.


ISO certified delivery centers, a biometric secured platform and our in-house workforce help protect your data from unauthorized access and data corruption from ingestion to delivery.

Sama Goes Beyond Data

Why is data Labelling important?

Constructing AI training data involves organizing raw datasets into a machine-readable format. As data labeling adds context to datasets, it improves the effectiveness of the training data and the performance of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

What is data Labelling vs data annotation?

ML models are trained using labeled data, and this labeled data is derived from datasets that use descriptive data known as annotations to provide supplementary context for machine learning models.

What are the benefits of labelling?

High quality labeled data leads to enhanced quality of machine learning algorithms, enabling the ML models to train effectively and yield the desired output. For instance, labeled data results in more precise product recommendations on ecommerce platforms.

Is my data secure on Sama?

We work in secure ISO-certified delivery centers with biometric-authentication-enabled access, so you can rest assured that your datasets are in safe hands.