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Few companies have put in place the foundational building blocks needed to unlock AI’s full potential. In particular, access to quality training data still remains one of the biggest barriers to generating value at scale.

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The Old Way vs the New Way

Burgeoning demand for labeled data has driven the growth of a variety of data labeling solutions. From business process outsourcing (BPO) to crowdsourcing and self-service platforms for in-house teams, each way of working comes with its own limitations.

The Old Way

Traditional crowdsourcing platforms optimize for quantity over quality; though clients can affordably access a large distributed third-party workforce for their ML projects, annotators do not often have domain expertise and resulting datasets lack quality control. BPO companies may offer more bespoke solutions, but implementation can be expensive and slow, and this approach is not optimized for scaling or the integration of new tools.

The New Way

The Old Way has recently been displaced by a new breed of data labeling companies who differentiate themselves as “managed data labeling services.” This new way prioritizes innovation in their tech, using AI to optimize the annotation process. While their models are domain-specific and more emphasis is placed on the QA process, labelers are still crowdsourced. These massively distributed workforces come with significant downstream risks: lower quality labels, a slower path to production, and a lack of AI governance and ethics.



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