Our Impact


At Sama, we believe responsible actions lead to positive impact. We have a duty to put people and the planet at the core of our everyday business decisions. Our model, and its goals, help us to be socially accountable to ourselves, our customers, and the world. Responsibility is a journey, and we are committed to being purposeful in our approach at every step along the way.

To Our Customers

We are committed to working with our customers to advance shared social impact and sustainability goals and support the adoption of responsible practices across the supply chain.

Our Commitments

Responsible Sourcing

Sama was an early adopter of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition’s Impact Sourcing Standard to demonstrate its commitment to inclusive employment. As part of the standard, Sama has adopted a set of requirements that provide pathways for low-income jobseekers to gain employment and advance their careers.

Commitment to Global Standards

Sama is committed to helping advance global social impact goals and, when possible, benchmarking our progress to global standards developed by the United Nations and the International Labour Organization.

Sustainable Development Goals

We want to do our part to support the advancement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and focus on aligning with key objectives of five SDGs focused on equality, providing human-centered employment, and climate action.

Responsible procurement of data enrichment services

Sama worked with Partnership on AI and several other public and private entities to help develop Responsible Sourcing of Data Enrichment Services, a white paper that outlines how choices made while procuring data enrichment services impact work well-being.

Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action

Sama has joined Everest Group in their pledge to expand and enable inclusive talent models in the global services industry over the next three years. Everest Group’s Commitment to Action- which aims to dramatically increase the impact sourcing market to half a million in three years- was recognized by former President Bill Clinton during the Clinton Global Initiative’s September 2022 Meeting.

Promoting responsibility in our own supply chain

We take steps to ensure our supply chain is ethical from inception to implementation. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for, and definition of, responsibility for our own suppliers.

Ethical Data Labeling that is Socially Responsible.