Lead Full Stack AI Engineer Becks Simpson

EPISODE SUMMARY Joining us today is the lead full stack AI engineer at Rogo as well as the lead guitarist for Des Confitures, Becks Simpson. Becks studied mechatronics in Australia and has a background in robotics. She moved into AI at a medical imaging startup before she came to Montreal to do a research project ... Read more

Neural Rendering with fxguide Co-Founder Dr. Mike Seymour

EPISODE SUMMARY The movie industry is not immune to the innovations of AI and machine learning, with many different technologies being developed for application in production and film. In particular, is the role of AI in inferring ‘Digital Humans’ for post-movie production processes. In this conversation, we hear all about this amazing new technology from ... Read more

PwC UK’s AI for Good Lead Maria Luciana Axente

EPISODE SUMMARY Ethics in AI is considered vital to the healthy development of all AI technologies, but this is easier said than done. In this episode of How AI Happens, we speak to Maria Luciana Axente to help us unpack this essential topic. Maria is a seasoned AI policy expert, public speaker, and executive and ... Read more

Building Responsible AI with Mieke de Ketelaere

EPISODE SUMMARY Mieke is an Adjunct Professor for Sustainable Ethical and Trustworthy AI at Vlerick Business School. During this episode, Mieke shares her thoughts on how we can go about building responsible AI systems so that the world can experience the full range of benefits of AI. EPISODE NOTES The gap between those creating AI ... Read more

Allied Digital CDO Utpal Chakraborty

EPISODE SUMMARY Today, on How AI Happens, we are joined by the Chief Digital Officer at Allied Digital, Utpal Chakraborty, to talk all things AI at Allied Digital. You’ll hear about Utpal’s AI background, how he defines Allied Digital’s mission, and what Smart Cities are and how the company captures data to achieve them, as ... Read more

Calibrate Ventures Partners Jason Schoettler, Kevin Dunlap

EPISODE SUMMARY Venture capitalists are investing heavily in technology, but what about deep-technology and AI companies? In today’s show, we speak to Jason Schoettler and Kevin Dunlap, both veterans in the technology sector. They have both worked in a range of areas within technology, such as working on the Mars Rover, with most of their ... Read more

x.AI Founder Dennis Mortensen

EPISODE SUMMARY Today’s guest, Dennis Mortensen, is a serial entrepreneur whose most recent venture (x.ai) focuses on teaching machines to schedule meetings. He shares with us what this challenging (and rewarding) journey looked like, and the valuable (and sometimes surprising) lessons he and his team learned. We also discuss giving empathy to machines, expectations, and ... Read more

Unity SVP of AI Danny Lange: The Industrial Metaverse

EMBEDRECASTSUBSCRIBE EPISODE SUMMARY Danny Lange, the Senior Vice President of AI at Unity, discusses the simulation, synthetic data, and the opportunity of the Industrial Metaverse. EPISODE NOTES Leading AI companies are adopting simulation, synthetic data and other aspects of the metaverse at an incredibly fast rate, and the opportunities for AI/machine learning practitioners are endless. ... Read more