CarbonChain Head of Data & Machine Learning Archy De Berker

EPISODE SUMMARY Archy de Berker began his journey with machine learning in the context of academic neuroscience, interested in how machine learning can help us understand the brain. Today, he is the Head of Data and Machine learning at CarbonChain, driven by his desire to apply machine learning to climate change solutions. EPISODE NOTES In ... Read more

Privacy in AI with MATR Ventures Partner Hessie Jones

EPISODE SUMMARY The question of AI ethics and privacy is becoming more relevant by the millisecond. Joining us today to discuss the complexity, evolution, and the future of privacy in the AI space, is Venture Partner of MATR Ventures, Hessie Jones. EPISODE NOTES MATR Ventures Partner, Hessie Jones, is dedicated to solving issues around AI ... Read more

Qualcomm Head of AI & ML Product Management Dr. Vinesh Sukumar

EPISODE SUMMARY During Vinesh Sukumar’s colorful career he has worked at NASA, Apple, Intel, and a variety of other companies, before finding his way to Qualcomm where he is currently the Head of AI/ML Product Management. In today’s conversation, Vinesh shares his experience of developing the camera for the very first iPhone and one of ... Read more

AI in the Metaverse with Dr. Mark Rijmenam

EPISODE SUMMARY Big data analytics, blockchain technologies, and artificial intelligence force us to rethink existing business models and develop the organizations of tomorrow. Joining us on this episode of How AI Happens is four-time author, entrepreneur, future tech strategist, and The Digital Speaker himself, Dr. Mark van Rijmenam. As an expert on disruptive innovation like ... Read more

IBM Master Inventor & AI Advisor to the UN Neil Sahota

EPISODE SUMMARY Today’s guest is not afraid of a challenge. In fact, throughout his life, he has always sought to solve big issues through disruptive and innovative technologies. Neil Sahota is an AI Advisor to the UN, co-founder of the UN’s AI for Good initiative, IBM Master Inventor, and author of Own the AI Revolution. ... Read more

Prospitalia Group CEO Dr. Marcell Vollmer

Dr. Marcell Vollmer is the CEO of Prospitalia Group, formerly Chief Innovation Officer at Celonis and Chief Digital Officer at SAP. He joins to discuss Machine Learning advances in MedTech and how practitioners can be thoughtful about when it is appropriate to deploy ML. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select your ... Read more

AI Safety Engineering – Dr. Roman Yampolskiy

Today’s guest has committed many years of his life to trying to understand Artificial Superintelligence and the security concerns associated with it.  Dr. Roman Yampolskiy is a computer scientist (with a Ph.D. in behavioral biometrics), and an Associate Professor at the University of Louisville. He is also the author of the book Artificial Superintelligence: A ... Read more’s Lead AI Educator Sebastian Raschka

Joining us today on How AI Happens is Sebastian Raschka, Lead AI educator at and Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Sebastian fills us in on the coursework he’s creating in his role at, and we find out what can be attributed to the crossover of machine learning in academia ... Read more

Edge Computing & AI Readiness with Antonio Grasso

Antonio Grasso joins us to explain how he empowers some of the biggest companies in the world to use AI in a meaningful way and explains the two ways his company goes about this. You’ll hear about what Antonio believes is coming down the pipeline in terms of the Internet of Things, especially when it ... Read more

The Future of NLP with AI Professor, Vice Rector, & Researcher Aleksandra Przegalinska

Today's guest is Aleksandra Przegalinska PhD, Vice-Rector at Kozminski University, research associate, and Polish futurist. From studying pure philosophy, Aleksandra moved into AI when she started researching natural language processing in the virtual space. We kickstart our discussion with her account of how she ended up where she is now, and how she transferred her ... Read more