Sama Recognized in the 2021 Forbes AI 50 List

Sama Team

May 3, 2021

3 Minute Read

It goes without saying that this past year has had its challenges. Through it all, our team at Sama has remained committed to providing leading companies with the highest quality training data to get predictably higher accuracy in half the time. That’s because we know that AI is the key to the future of technology, and without diverse and accurate data sets, the technology will ultimately fail.


Thanks to our industry-spanning work with partners such as Walmart, Google and NVIDIA, we are honored to announce our inclusion in the 2021 Forbes AI 50 list alongside leading companies including Duolingo, Samsara and Narrativ. In its third year, the Forbes AI 50 highlights the most promising North American businesses using AI in ways that are fundamental to their operations.


By combining our expert-human-in-the-loop team with cutting-edge technology, we’ve put in the time and effort to perfect our machine learning-assisted annotation and achieve SLAs well above the industry standard this past year. With new innovations like our AI Bias Detection solution and milestones, including our B Corp Certification, we’ve continued to prioritize our double bottom line, measuring our success not only in terms of revenue but also impact. 


“I’m incredibly proud of what our team has accomplished over the past year both in terms of our success providing high-quality data to industry leaders and maintaining our commitment to social impact,” says Wendy Gonzalez, CEO of Sama. “As AI becomes increasingly essential to operations across industries, we’re excited to have a hand in the future of effective, non-biased AI, and are grateful to  be recognized as one of the leading companies in the space.”



This recognition from Forbes reflects our continued success in leveraging AI for good. Through partnerships with customers to help hotels and restaurants achieve zero food waste, power anti-poaching and animal conservation efforts, enable safe and effective robot-assisted surgery and more, we’re consistently harnessing best-in-class technology to address the most pressing challenges in our society today. 


To learn more about our achievements and to see the complete list of Forbes AI 50 winners, visit Forbes' article here.