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Sama Wins 2020 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award for Best Image Processing Solution

Sama Wins 2020 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award for Best Image Processing Solution

As the leading company providing high-quality training data and model validation software and solutions to more than 25% of the Fortune 50, we have always taken pride in our ability to ensure smart AI starts with quality data. Without high-quality, diverse and accurate data sets, AI just doesn’t work.

Today, we are honored to announce that through our work with Vulcan, we have been awarded the winner of the 2020 AI Breakthrough Awards for the Best Image Processing Solution.

“In one of the toughest years yet, our team has consistently prevailed and furthered our mission of providing high-quality data for some of the world’s largest tech companies,” says Wendy Gonzalez, Interim CEO of Sama. “It’s because of their persistence and dedication that we have the opportunity to celebrate this win among many others this year. We’re thankful for this recognition and are inspired to continue our work in driving AI forward.”

Wendy and EA team

In 2019, the UN reported that nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history. We are causing a devastating impact on global biodiversity, with nearly one million animal and plant species threatened by extinction. In an effort to mitigate this, our expert annotators applied our technology to advance AI algorithms, powering one of the leading wildlife conservation efforts with Vulcan, a project and investment company that uses data to make a positive impact on endangered species, climate change, ocean health, and more.

Through our work with Vulcan, we were able to address the current threat of wildlife trafficking while collecting data that will inform long-term strategies to protect endangered species and ensure stable and thriving generations. Through our technology, Vulcan has significantly improved its turnaround times to process training data, allowing algorithms to thrive without compromising on quality. To date, we have labeled nearly one million images for Vulcan, achieving above industry-standard quality SLA of 95% in support of their efforts. Together, we are combating large-scale poaching that contributes to extinction, while supporting a more sustainable ecosystem through image processing solutions.

The annual awards program honors AI excellence, innovation and success in a range of AI and machine learning related categories, including AI and Machine Learning Platforms, Smart Robotics, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Natural Language Processing, industry-specific AI applications and many more. This year they saw over 2,000 nominations globally.

We’re honored to have our work with Vulcan recognized by this prestigious program and are inspired to continue working towards our mission every day.

Check out the complete list of AI Breakthrough Award winners.

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