Biotech & Medtech

Use computer vision to classify conditions or illnesses that save patients’ lives and enhance safety in surgical procedures.

Assist doctors in diagnosing patients with ease and increased accuracy. Precisely label and track objects through video frames like movement analysis.
Get high quality annotation for x-ray, MRI, and CT Scan images, enabling your algorithms to detect objects like normal bone fracture to diseases at microscopic level.

Medical Image Annotation

Use high quality training data to efficiently detect, characterize, and monitor diseases like brain disorders, liver problems, kidney stones, or cancer cells from anonomized x-ray, CT, and MRI scans.

Robot-Assisted Surgery

Quickly train AI-enabled robots to help surgeons enhance their performance during procedures with high-definition 3D computer vision and guidance to navigate to specific areas of the body while avoiding nerves and muscles.
Surgery assisted by robot

Experience with Thousands of Complex Workflows

Our secure training data annotation platform combined with our human-in-the-loop experts make it easy to manage your training data pipeline at scale.


Because one misstep in data accuracy can harm patients, we offer the highest quality SLA (95-99.5%), even on the most complex workflows.


Consider us your training data partner. With industry leading retention, our annotators are subject matter experts. Our team assist with anything from implementing a robust quality rubric to raising edge cases.


We ensure your data is secure. Our delivery sites are ISO certified and employ biometric security. We offer high availability and uptime as we understand that the reliability of our platform is paramount.

Watch the Webinar: How AI is Transforming Healthcare

For Medical Device and Biotech companies, adopting AI is no longer a choice but a necessary step toward more accurate and personalized diagnosis, better monitoring and treatment of illnesses, and enhanced surgical procedure safety. Learn how companies are adopting these innovative technologies to greatly improve efficiencies and outcomes industry-wide.

High-Quality Training Data at Scale

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