Autonomous Vehicles’ Impact on Cities with Lyft’s Sarah Barnes

A future filled with autonomous vehicles promises to be a driving utopia. Maximum efficiency navigation decreasing traffic and congestion, safety features that drastically reduce collisions with other cars, bikes, or pedestrians, and an electric-first approach that lowers greenhouse gas emissions. But as with all disruptive technologies, the journey to functional autonomous driving future isn’t a ... Read more

Developing Solid-State LiDAR with Baraja CTO

If you're familiar with the type of LiDAR devices traditionally deployed in autonomous vehicles and robotics, you may call to mind a rotating device with onboard mirrors. A device that generates instant 3D mapping of a dynamic environment may be sufficiently advanced as far the average consumer is concerned, but in a field characterized by ... Read more

Facebook’s Manohar Paluri Makes Machines See

Manohar Paluri has spent the bulk of his career developing methods to make machines see. Now, in his role as Director, Artificial Intelligence at Facebook (now Meta), computer vision is one building block in the massive undertaking of developing egocentric perception: making sense of data collected from a first-person perspective via wearable devices. Mano joined ... Read more

Solving Conversational AI with Valyant AI CEO Rob Carpenter

Rob Carpenter is the founder and CEO of Valyant AI, which is on a journey to solve the complex problem of conversational AI in the food service industry. In today’s episode, Rob explains the three main components of AI speech processing (and the challenges that arise at each of these nodes), how conversational AI has ... Read more

Nuances of Speech Recognition with Cogito’s Dr. John Kane

Dr. John Kane, Head of Signal Processing & Machine Learning at Cogito, explains the challenges brought on by the oft-repeated truism "speech is more than text", and how Cogito addresses these challenges to deliver real-time conversational insight to their users. Later, John explains the holistic approach to ensuring machine learning technology is created in a ... Read more

Microsoft’s Priyanka Roy on Design Thinking & Data Governance

Data & AI Solution Specialist for Microsoft, Priyanka Roy, explains how Design Thinking is a crucial approach in the development of any AI technology, and how its proper utilization results in better products and more effective teams. Priyanka also outlines the key pillars of a successful data governance approach, and the utility of "thick" data. ... Read more

Representation in AI with Walmart Global Tech Leaders Anshu Bhardwaj & Desirée Gosby

Walmart's SVP of Global Technology Anshu Bhardwaj and VP of Emerging Technology Desirée Gosby join Sama CEO Wendy Gonzalez for a roundtable discussion about representation in AI, explainable & ethical AI, and how representative teams are a key way to reduce biases in AI technology. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select ... Read more

Predictive & Declarative AI with Theresa Benson

Theresa Benson, Product Storyteller for InRule Technology, explains the opportunity of combining declarative AI with predictive AI, and how InRule Technology is using predictive AI to empower non AI experts to develop algorithms from their existing domain knowledge. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select your favorite listening app.   Related Resources ... Read more