Image Annotation

High-quality annotated image data for object detection, localization, and segmentation in a wide range of use cases.

All Shapes Supported

2D and 3D bounding boxes, polygons, key points, and lines efficiently support a wide range of use cases, from shelf management for retail to facial landmarking. We use cuboids to capture the depth of your target object in 2D data.

Efficient Annotation Platform

Our advanced platform has features like the crosshair tool, visual feedback on label selection, logically grouped tasks, keyboard shortcuts, and more, allowing us to achieve high-quality at scale.

Full Spectrum Labeling

Custom classes, multiple attributes per instance and hierarchical relationships are available to meet your needs.

Use Cases

Detection and Classification
Object Localization
  • Food item identification for inventory management
  • Expression recognition for AR/VR use cases
  • Vehicles, pedestrians, traffic signs, and lane markings detection
  • Localize specific parts of a vehicle for manufacturing automation
  • Anatomic structures localization for medical imaging diagnostics
  • Furniture localization for AR/VR applications in e-commerce

Why Sama

For over a decade, hundreds of organizations, including over 25% of the Fortune 50, have relied on Sama to deliver secure, high-quality training data and model validation for machine learning.
Multi Level Quality Checks

Calculate quality against your preferred baseline using a combination of automation and human judgement—saving you time and money. Gold tasks and advanced scripting detects errors early in the pipeline.

Custom Analytics and Reporting

Get deep insights into your training data, including edge case alerts and analysis of the classes in your dataset. Our tailored reports help you prioritize and get your model to market faster.

ML-Powered Platform

Our agile platform is designed to meet your needs. Using machine learning and human-in-the-loop intelligence, we manage your most complex workflows, from data selection and annotation, up to model optimization.

We annotate 3 million images monthly, including 6 million objects, and over
50 million points.

High-Quality Annotated Image Data at Scale

Get in touch today to learn how Sama can solve your vector image annotation needs.