Sama Annotate

2D & 3D Image Annotation

Uncompromisingly high-quality annotated image data for object detection, localization, and segmentation in a wide range of use cases.

Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies

2D & 3D Image Annotation Tools

No matter the task, Sama provides state-of-the-art image labeling tools to help you successfully annotate a wide variety of image types with speed and precision.

Accurately detect and define the location, depth, and height of your target objects.

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Precisely detect shape variations for motion tracking, facial landmark detection, and hand gesture recognition.

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Localize and detect intricate objects with precision and speed.

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Precisely annotate straight or curved objects with lines or polylines.

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Advanced tools help you achieve pixel-level precision in just a few clicks.


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Integrated AI Training Data Platform

Sama image annotation experts leverage our ML-powered platform to deliver labels with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Complete a wide range of annotations using bounding boxes, polygons, cuboids, key points, and lines efficiently. Get pixel-perfect results with complete segmentation offering.

Our advanced image annotation platform has features like the crosshair tool, visual feedback on label selection, logically grouped tasks, keyboard shortcuts, and more, allowing us to achieve high-quality at scale.

Tailored to your exact requirements with custom classes, multiple attributes per instance, and hierarchical relationships.

Use Cases

Sama image annotation experts leverage our ML-powered platform to deliver labels with unmatched accuracy and speed.


Data accuracy — guaranteed — compared to 88.5% for leading competitors.


Events tracked per month to improve our product and processes with A/B testing.


Lives impacted to date thanks to our purpose-driven business model.

Why Choose Sama

Unlock the innovative potential of your computer vision models with Sama’s trusted annotation platform and human-in-the-loop experts.


Your AI is only as good as the data that fuels it. Our SLAs guarantee 95%+ quality image annotations.


Efficiency improvements from our ML-powered platform, paired with an expert team that scales with you on demand.

Ethical AI

Help us drive an ethical AI supply chain. Sama recruits and trains our agents, directly affecting their professional outlook.


Security and trust is at the forefront of everything we do — from our tech stack to our physical space.

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